Dr. Leonard A. Wisneski

Leonard A. Wisneski, MD, FACP is Clinical Professor of Medicine at George Washington University, Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Georgetown University, and also holds faculty positions in the Medicine and Nursing Departments at The University of Colorado. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson Medical College. He has been in the clinical practice of endocrinology and for over 30 years and is a recognized leader globally in the field of integrative and whole person health.

Dr. Wisneski holds fellowship positions in The American College of Physicians and The American College of Nutrition. He was Chairman of the National Institute of Health (NIH) Advisory Board on Frontier Sciences at the University of Connecticut and Vice Chairman of the NIH Consensus Panel on Acupuncture. He has published over 30 scientific articles and a textbook Scientific Basis of Integrative Health, Third Edition.

Dr. Wisneski is Chairman Emeritus of the Integrative Health Policy Consortium which promotes national legislation pertaining to integrative healthcare. Importantly, Dr. Wisneski has extensive knowledge and interest in the benefits of pure hemp oil, CBD, and therapeutic applications involving the endocannabinoid system. He is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and The International Cannabinoid Research Association.

Dr. Gregory L. Smith

Dr. Gregory L. Smith earned his medical degree from Rush Medical School in Chicago, a Master of Public Health from Harvard University, and completed his residency training in Preventive Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  He is a former Major in the US Army. He has extensive experience and education in the field of cannabinoid medications, frequently speaking at conferences and seminars both locally and abroad.

Dr. Smith has published the following books: Medical Cannabis: Basic Science and Clinical Applications; CBD: What You Need to Know; THCV: The “Anti-Munchies Appetite Killer”; FAST FACTS: Cannabis, Cannabinoids and Opioids.

Dr. Smith has also developed multiple clinical research studies on cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals. He consults as a scientific and medical advisor on cannabis applications, and cannabinoid therapeutics with over a dozen companies in four countries.

Dr. Wei Xiang

Dr. Wei Xiang earned a B.S. degree in analytical chemistry and an M.S. degree in organic chemistry from Yunnan University. He earned a PhD in natural products chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Kunming Botanic Institute). He worked as a postdoctoral and research associate at the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as Associate Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (XBTBG).

Dr. Xiang has been rated as Top Scientist in chemistry and pharmaceuticals, and has over ten years of strict training and hand-on experience in eminent laboratories and industries in China and the United States.

Dr. Xiang has elucidated more than 300 different molecular structures (including 30 new organic compounds) and published more than 30 scientific papers in prominent scientific journals in Germany, Switzerland, China, and the U.S. He has wide-spread knowledge in traditional medicine, as well as the bioactivities of varied active pharmaceutical ingredients. He has studied the effects of full-spectrum hemp oil extensively, and developed protocols for the CO2 extraction methods for HempCo. Dr. Xiang advises the People's Republic of China on the therapeutic benefits of full-spectrum hemp oil.


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