"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." ~ Aristotle

HempCo is a global leader in supplying true full-spectrum hemp oil products. It is an industry leader in extraction, purification, and distribution of hemp oil products to industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the U.S. and international marketplace.

The company consists of highly experienced professionals and scientists with backgrounds in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, and consumer goods. Clinical trials have shown the efficacy of true full-spectrum hemp oil in helping people with many health conditions.

True Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

"The whole is greater than the sum of its  parts." This quote by Aristotle is particularly relevant to today's hemp oil market. True full-spectrum hemp oil is the pure oil extracted from hemp, and contains CBDv and THCv found naturally in some ancient heirloom strains of hemp plants.

True full-spectrum hemp oil that contains the naturally occurring varins, cannabinoids and terpenes creates an Entourage Effect that is highly effective in improving health conditions. Varins are especially important for efficacy in hemp oil products. Many people have tried CBD products and found them to be ineffective. This is because cannabidiol as an isolate or a synthetic doesn't work well, and it doesn't contain varins.

True full-spectrum hemp oil is more readily accepted by the body, and can provide relief from chronic pain, sleep problems, anxiety, weight gain, weak immunity, cholesterol issues, and other conditions that plague people as they age*. Reaching homeostasis is how true full-spectrum oil works. The body wants to be healthy naturally.


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Ancient heirloom plants from the foot of the Himalayas, containing a vast array of cannabinoids (including varins), terpenes, and flavonoids.

AquazomeV² uses a proprietary true water-soluble process, and contains 53% active ingredients.
.3 ml = 124.5 mg of
full-spectrum hemp oil.

Hempzorb81 is a micellized formulation. Suitable for tinctures, shots, foods, and cosmetics.


HempCo has gathered research articles and clinical trials regarding true Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, the Entourage Effect, Varins, and more.

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